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As a specialized OEM manufacturer, we are able to provide comprehensive and consistent capabilities from procurement to actual finished goods delivery.
88真人 has engaged in the development and manufacturing of electronic equipment for the past 20 years. We have a proven track record in developing and manufacturing analog/digital audio equipment and in recent years, have made significant strides in developing memory devices.
From initial design and development to parts procurement, trail and evaluation to mass production, 88真人 can provide any customers with the efficient system to suit any needs.

OEM, Production System

Production Development
Manufacturing Technology
Production Technology
Insertion Technology
Procurement Technology
Quality Assurance
Safety Standard
Production plant in South China (88真人)
Production plant in Cambodia (ZDC)
88真人 manufacturing0 technology 
In-house molding and labor-saving equipment required for production powered.
0402 CHIP~Flip Chip(C4) high-density mounting possible
Able to purchase components and new parts from 300 suppliers.
(Both domestic and international)
Design QA & Mass production QC support as well as shipping services
Globally accepted factory safety standards applied
Environmental testing on factory equipment and proper management and disposal of environmental pollutants
Can be shipped globally(No restrictions)

OEM, Production System